Global Printing focuses on exploring and applying new technologies and new skills. Centered with pharmaceutical packaging, the company is creating diversified packaging products. Now, it has 3 wholly owned subsidiaries and 1 joint -stock company including Tianjin Binhai Global Printing Limited Co., Xi’an Yongxu Innovative Services Limited Co., Shaanxi...

Global Printing focuses on the packaging service improving and believes service is running through all products. The customers requirement must be fully understand,and Global Printing's target is do our best to look for what is the potential requirement and give you different packaging solutions, help you improve efficiency and market competition.

  We listen to every customer carefully and integrate their potential needs to our service. Global Printing always treats “one-on-one service” as the core of establishing client trusted relationship and sees every customer as a unique “individual” with distinctive personality. It carries out the concept of “green packaging, product security, branding and humanizing “and applies new service methods on customers’ potential needs. It tailors excellent service methods and applies service model from other industries to packaging service. We have introduced Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) service mode and provided personalized services including organizing tech team to perform long-distance proofreading, assisting customers with international conference call, and combining logistics systems, etc.

We understand that it’s a win-win relationship between customers and us in the age of interaction.

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