Global Printing focuses on exploring and applying new technologies and new skills. Centered with pharmaceutical packaging, the company is creating diversified packaging products. Now, it has 3 wholly owned subsidiaries and 1 joint -stock company including Tianjin Binhai Global Printing Limited Co., Xi’an Yongxu Innovative Services Limited Co., Shaanxi...

The workshop takes the production area of 1200 , and owns the professional team of 32 persons which installed with Akiyama 2 + 2 printing machine, MBO folding machine from Germany, etc. Reasonable U layout for workshop avoids the problems brought by overlap of producing and logistics such as confusion, etc. More than 20 years of experience, technical innovation, reasonable management, are the assurance of inserts business for Global Printing.  We provide KIT, 7*24h service, JIT, one on one, etc. Honest & Credit is fundamental, and Customers are uppermost is our eternal philosophy.


Totally enclosed workshop design, windows are completely sealed, and with centralize controlled wind system. Combined with other equipments, the cleanliness could reach a certain Level. Epoxy self-leveling floor fixed the control of dust proof and cleanness of enclosed workshop and reaches the requirement of production environment in the largest extent. Air shower is the essential cleansing equipment when people enter the workshop, supporting clean workshop reaches the cleaning level for producing pharmaceutical inserts. Equipped with automatic cleaning machine keeps the cleaness of workshop and the cleaning efficiency can be greatly improved.


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