Global Printing focuses on exploring and applying new technologies and new skills. Centered with pharmaceutical packaging, the company is creating diversified packaging products. Now, it has 3 wholly owned subsidiaries and 1 joint -stock company including Tianjin Binhai Global Printing Limited Co., Xi’an Yongxu Innovative Services Limited Co., Shaanxi...

Hand packaging does not mean low-tech packaging, in contrast, hand packaging can treat every detail in the production specially and it cannot be done by large scale production. The core of hand packaging is the management of detail. There are strict requirements on design, choice of materials and production. Perfect quality comes from integration of many types of materials and techniques. In the viewpoint of customers, products are the representatives of the company, therefore, we provide the whole professional production system to make your products outstanding. Protecting the environment and green packaging are always our responsibility, we follow every related regulation established by the government starting from choice of materials till every steps in the production. With environment friendly materials and fast production, we offer our customers high quality products.
To promise good quality products and provide good quality services to our customers, we have strict quality control and good testing equipment such as Rupture Strength Testing Machine, Compressive Strength Tester, Moisture Analyzer, Paper and Cardboard Thickness Tester, Computer-Controlled Central Pressure Strength Test Machine etc., together with quality management system, we ensure good quality products. We have the same creed as Xian Global Printing Co., Ltd., using the clearest method to satisfy our customers’ need, production system and supply chain, so that our employee can understand every detail and provide good quality to our customers.



Perfect Technique 

On the basis of knowing customers’ basic requirements for the cartons, Global Printing add various anti-counterfeiting measures and apply leading printing, artwork technologies to products for the customers especially. In order to maintain the advanced quality, Global Printing strengthen the professional packaging technical ability constantly, not only established  complete front-end and back-end processing line, but also owns unique experience and processing methods in all kinds of integrated using for processing technology, sophisticated miniaturist, hot stamping and other advanced technology, make all kinds of technology to show incisively and vividly in packaging through the effective integration of a variety of process. For making famous products from being falsified or counterfeited, Global Printing take responsibility for recommending appropriate anti-counterfeiting technology for the customers in a way of their partners. Global Printing has never stopped the steps for research and application of anti-counterfeiting technology. Global Printing integrates various advanced anti-counterfeiting technology into the packaging effectively, reflects with all kinds of craft in photograph, and even appeared in form of another highlight of products, which is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functional.
Meticulous Craft
Global Printing has known the packaging value for the customers, we see every product as a art in production procedure, we keep improving in every product detail to push product to a height of even perfect. Global Printing has to listen to the smallest voices from the customers, Global Printing has made constant improvement in various levels such as equipment, human and management resources etc. to respond rapidly to the finest requirements of our customers, secondly, we strongly stress the meticulous ways and honest attitude with the customers for handing of every business during the complete work procedure.
Each product has its own distinctive and unique individuality, packaging expresses the product culture and brand value. Global Printing has advocated TCS-Total Customization Service, which means providing a customized integral service plan which exceeds the boundary of the products as well as transparent and specific work procedures. We communicated this customer demand to each sector in our internal production system and made every one truly understand all details of customer requirements to quality.

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