Global Printing focuses on exploring and applying new technologies and new skills. Centered with pharmaceutical packaging, the company is creating diversified packaging products. Now, it has 3 wholly owned subsidiaries and 1 joint -stock company including Tianjin Binhai Global Printing Limited Co., Xi’an Yongxu Innovative Services Limited Co., Shaanxi...

With the development of the world pharmaceutical packaging market, traditional materials used for many years are now being replaced by environmental and high quality collapsible aluminum tubes because of its optimal hygiene and stability, which follows the direction of pharmaceutical and chemical packaging industry of China as well as the people's demand for healthy life and high quality packaging materials.

For years, taking the spirit of "We care for Quality, because you do", Thiebaut people are focusing on customers' requirements, providing satisfactory products and services to customers and have won the customers' recognition. While providing high-quality products and services, we also attach great importance to environment protection and energy conservation, fulfill our social responsibility, and then win the trust among more and more customers. With our advanced comprehensive capability of manufacture, Xi'an Thiebaut has been growing to be a leading pharmaceutical packaging enterprise within few years and ranked the best among the pharmaceutical aluminum tubes enterprise both in Chinese and international markets.



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